An interactive globe interface

Spin the globe, zoom in on your area of interest, and move seamlessly across regions or conjugate margins. EarthPeel's interface is intuitive and responsive. It is a true globe without the stretching and distortion of flat maps.

Single point of data access

EarthPeel connects to geoscience data in the cloud through APIs and provides a single point of access to proprietary, contractor, and open data. Zoom in on your area of interest to get a complete picture of the available data, and access it instantly.

Geology maps from the Macrostrat Project.

Travel back in time

When it comes to geoscience data, geological context is just as important as spatial context. The EarthPeel globe includes automatic, on-the-fly reconstruction of present-day data back in geological time.

  • Automatically reconstruct well spots, seismic lines or polygons
  • Quickly and easily switch between reconstruction models to compare reconstruction scenarios

Reconstruction models from publicly available data at EarthBYTE.

Committed to Openness

At EarthPeel, we believe that innovation is accelerated when knowledge is built together as a community. EarthPeel is built primarily with established open-source tools, such as gdal, mapbox, and turf. EarthPeel's tools are also open-sourced and community contributions are welcome.

Building open-source software automatically translates to a modular architecture. Our modules are connected by well-defined REST APIs so you can easily plug in your proprietary or 3rd-party tools to analyze data discovered on EarthPeel.