EarthPeel for Oil and Gas Exploration

Oil and Gas companies need geoscience data to understand the sub-surface for exploration and drilling, but it is difficult for geoscientists to immediately identify what data even exists in their region of interest. The data are siloed by region and spread out across many different catalogs depending on their source. This often adds months of delay before a project begins and overlooked data can lead to costly bad decisions. With EarthPeel, all geoscience data, including wells, seismic, surfaces, and models, are accessible on one globe. In addition, the data can be re-positioned, on-the-fly, to any time in geological history to help visualize the neighborhood of present-day data during basin evolution, simplifying conjugate margin analysis.

Geology data from the Macrostrat Project and reconstruction models from publicly available data at EarthBYTE.

EarthPeel for Large-Scale Construction

Construction companies lose millions of dollars when they unexpectedly hit solid rock while digging a pipeline trench or while driving piles for solar farm installations. EarthPeel can bring together sub-surface data from multiple sources including geological maps, bedrock maps, lithology tables from water wells, and geological survey reports to help predict the near-surface conditions expected during construction. Knowing this information early in the project planning and bidding phases can help prevent unexpected costs and delays for large-scale construction projects.